Baseball Leagues

Minor C (4-6) | Minor B (7-8) | Majors (9-10) | Intermediate (11-13)


  • $150 Registration Fee that includes uniforms, hats, and socks.
  • $100 Fundraiser Fee, 2 books of raffle tickets
  • All players are evaluated and drat to a team

Uniform: Jersey, Socks, and Hat are included in registration fees. Players must provide pants which can be purchased at any sports store. Pants should be all gray or white for all players (up to the coach's discretion).

Regular Season:
Season Starts Late April/Early May. Teams play 2-3 times a week, weekdays and weekends.

Birthdate Deadlines:
August 31, 2023

Pee Wee League
Pee Wee ages 1 1/2 - 3 is an instructional league that focuses on the fundamental skills needed to be a success in baseball while creating memorable memories. Basics such as throwing, catching, hitting, fielding and base running will be the main focus. But of course, having fun is what baseball is all about. 
Cost: $100